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    Press Release

    Online Advertising Spend In The Middle East Expected To Touch AED977 Million In 2013
    Arabic content continues to be a big driver in the region

    Advertising Info
    Dubai , UAE - October 17, 2010

    Online advertising is expected to grow by four percent over the next three years, and reach an estimated AED977 million (US$ 266 million) by 2013[i]. The Arab Media Outlook reports one percent of overall advertising spend in the Arab region and worth AED206 million (US$56 million) but is projected to make a significant impact in the Middle East region from 2011 as it’s underutilized potential is harnessed by those who ready to take advantage online platforms.

    Addressing this growth, Abdulla Al-Dabbagh, Marketing Manager, Yahoo Inc and speaker at the Total Marketing Summit said: “There has been a shift from traditional advertising to online, with consumer and brands realizing, they need to be present. Online does not exist in isolation, but rather, should complement other brand activities.”

    With Internet penetration increasing across the region, companies are realizing that on-line advertising can potentially act as a money saver, while still having a positive impact and reach a target audience. Nonetheless, the region is looking for innovation in terms of enhanced local content.

    “Advertisers need to be sure that branding is locally relevant to the region. It is a chal-lenge to have global content hit a note with the regional audience, so all content, needs to be relevant prior to going online. Advertisers also need a partner with a wide network reach, specialized targeting tools to reach the correct audience and a solid advanced technology platform,” said Al-Dabbagh.

    Online advertising is one of the five verticals of marketing that will be discussed and de-bated at the Total Marketing Summit, to be held in Dubai from October 31st to November 3rd, 2010. The Summit will explore the latest trends and thought leadership in ‘Branding,’ ‘Social Media,’ ‘Public Relations’ and ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO).’ Held over three days, the Summit boasts over 70 speakers from the five disciplines and seven interactive workshops.


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