Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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World Government Summit Organisation Proposes High-Tech Solutions For Future Of Governments

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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The World Government Summit Organisation has become a scientific engine for the global future industry," said Omar bin Sultan Al-Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence.

Al-Olama, who is also Managing Director of the World Government Summit, WGS, Organisation, said this while commenting on the two executive training sessions hosted by the organisation to explore the latest developments in the future forecasting and planning sector.

"The Organisation now boasts a growing list of workshops and events that seek to help government and private-sector officials develop future-readiness skills and acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced and unconventional scientific sectors, such as artificial intelligence," he added.

Conducted by world-renowned experts and academics, the two-day sessions drew more than 100 ministers, undersecretaries and general managers from various UAE Government entities to explore ground-breaking innovations that allow for a more accurate forecast of future trends and, subsequently, more efficient proactive planning for the challenges and opportunities that are set to arise.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins spoke at the first session – titled "Cybersecurity and Future Technologies" – about his extensive first-hand experience in the sector, as well as his predictions with regards to the main challenges slowing down change and development in businesses and governments.

Robbins outlined a set of obstacles that are prohibiting organisations from fully embracing technology, pointing to the risks this poses in terms of cybersecurity. He elaborated on the role of innovation in economic growth, as well as the future of digital currencies, highlighting his company’s own experience with Blockchain technology.

Michell Zappa, Founder of Envisioning and expert on the future, speaking at the second session, titled, "Future Perspectives: Using Applied Thinking to Forecast a Better Future", shared his views on the rapid changes taking place all over the world, offering his recommendations to help policymakers and executives prepare for future technological shifts.

Shedding light on the latest developments in transportation technology, Zappa determined the skills necessary to tailor technology to address human needs. He went on to explain the principles of perpetual technological advancement, and how to overcome obstacles to innovation.