Monday, January 22, 2018
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'Vision 3000' willdrive the revival of Arabic language and poetry among Arabs

Friday, April 21, 2017
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A new company under the name of ‘Vision 3000’ was launched in Dubai Media City, focused on supporting Arab music and poetry in the Middle East and North Africa region, powered by creative teams working across music, production, voice-over and video editing fields.  

The company aims to disseminate the rich Arab literature and legacy by widening the audience for Arab poetry, by enriching the literature with appropriate voice-overs and music, in order to bring Arabic poems closer to Arab people. 

Mr. Salim Alzahabi, CEO and Founder of ‘Vision 3000’ said: “We have set up this company to add an artistic touch to the presentation of Arab poems backed withworld-class music and professional voice-overs. From our base in Dubai Media City, we will support local artistic and musical productionsby blending music with Arab lyrics. Driven by our productioncapabilities, we arenot only embracing new technologies but also developing and keepingtrackwith all that is new in the media and music fields, to support the production at all stages.”

Vision 3000 is operating under the direct management of Mr. Salim Alzahabi with a mandate to energize artistic productions and supportemerging Arab talent. In addition, the company will help in converting Arab poetry into musical clips that are highly sought-after by Arab audiences.

“Vision 3000is focused on boosting the status of the Arabic language in order to ensure its renaissance across the region.The Arabic language is a living language that is rich and vibrant, with an authenticity that goes back to over 2,000years. It is a languagethat is characterized by anability to keep pace with the present and the future,” added Alzahabi.

"We are pleased to have launched the company in Dubai so that we help inproducing unique and distinct content,woven round Arab poetry,enriched by beautiful sound” added Alzahabi.

Vision 3000 is a company founded on the notion of creating projects that are conceptually stimulating and visually attractive.As a family of producers, directors, composers, event managers, and voice-over talents, they have adapted to merge their experimental and innovative backgrounds to design customized projectsfor every client individuallyand reach the significant results of creating services such as commercials, TV series, operates, voice-overs and trailers.