Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Three Ways Businesses Can Achieve Excellent Customer Service

Monday, November 13, 2017
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Quality customer service is the backbone of any business out there. The glue that keeps the target demographics coming back for more, a helpful staff member or employee can really benefit their company by establishing a helpful brand image. Imagine what could be done with an office full of them.

Additionally, poor customer service can blow a hole in a business’s reputation, setting them back a fair way. Word of mouth can be a company killer, so it’s important to keep the consumers pleased at all time. It’s all a public display of integrity and respect, showing decent values in dealing with people. A fine line, below are a few ways to stay on the correct side of it.

Employing Friendly Faces

Sometimes a potential employee can have all the experience and qualifications required. On paper they tick all the boxes, but perhaps the in-person demeanour is a little off. Maybe they aren’t giving eye contact? Maybe their responses are blunt and brief?

No one wants to do business with a shoddy people person, so fine tuning those social skills is essential. Everything from formal attire, nicely confident smiles to clear pronunciation, it all counts for so much when interacting with the customer. Anything less than friendly and approachable isn’t good enough, so it’s vital those representing a company are beacons of light.

Request Feedback

A business is bound to slipup somewhere along the way. The chaos involved in the 9-5 intricacies invites human error, but that doesn’t mean such mistakes aren’t meaningless. Though sheer round the clock perfection is unattainable, the thirst for it should never be quenched.

One way to portray this image is to request feedback. In doing so, a business exudes an air of humility, alongside an extra bout of commitment to the customer. Quite simply, it shows a sincere care for what a company does, not fobbing off clients but interacting with them for self-betterment. If nothing else, it displays a resilient commitment.

Act on Criticisms

Of course, it won’t do to receive the feedback and do nothing with it. It’ll soon pile up and the business will grow stagnant, comfortable in its ways of breezing by the bare minimum standards. It’s unattractive, and frankly inexcusable.

Action must be taken, with criticism inspiring opportunity. If a customer isn’t satisfied with a product, offer a refund or replacement. If deliveries are arriving too late, hire an adequate courier service to get the job done in good time. After all, there’s always a way to make amends with disgruntled shoppers, and acting fast enough might just repair any wavering trust issues.