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Models Own Launches Hypergel In The UAE Unveils Range Of Fashion-Forward Nail Polish

The iconic collection is available at all Models Own outlets and point of sales in the UAE.

Sunday, May 4, 2014
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Models Own, the fashion forward beauty brand which offers a wide range of nail polish collection and shades, has announced the launch of the famed HyperGel collection in the UAE. The iconic collection is available at all Models Own outlets and point of sales in the UAE, thus bringing the world-class fashion-fashion nail polish range to the country.

The HyperGel collection is set to take beauty conscious in the UAE and Gulf region go crazy with its riot of colours. A range of mega shine shades that are highly pigmented, long-lasting and chip resistant, HyperGel gives a super high-glossy, gel effect and comes in vibrant colours, extending the perfect professional finish of a salon manicure.

The collection is enriched with Lotus flower oil and offers super conditioning for the nails.

ALSA Lifestyle, which is the exclusive distributor for the Models Own brand across the Middle East, aims to distribute the collection across various channels in the region through its outlets at Mercato Mall, dedicated stands in pharmacies across the UAE, besides stores in Marina Mall and Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Nehad Kalha, Director of Retail at ALSA Lifestyle, said: “Models Own is a fun brand that offers fashion-forward nail polishes in over 250 shades and we are happy to bring a new innovation to the region with the HyperGel collection. The new range will address the needs of the beauty-conscious customers in the UAE and Middle East and we are confident that this will become a rage in the coming months.”

He added: “Models Own nail polishes can even be mixed to create a new colour. Today doing your nails is an essential part of dressing up, and you can change the colour of your nails just like changing your clothes every day.”

Mr Kalha also had a tip to share for the fashion conscious: “One coat goes a long way; paint down the middle of the nail with any Models Own nail polish and see the colour disperse across the nail magically.”

Across the region, ALSA Lifestyle owns the Models Own outlet at Taj Mall and City Mall in Jordan, while operates a franchise agreement with Worldwide Group for its outlet at Villagio Mall and Landmark Mall in Qatar. The Models Own outlet at Seef Mall in Bahrain is owned by Hundlur Trading, in a franchise agreement with ALSA.

The comprehensive range of nail polish at Models Own features different finishes including creamy, pearly, glittery and neon to create glamorous fingers. Models Own has been innovative in colours and textures as well as new concepts in doing nails.

The name of the brand comes from a credit on a fashion spread that signifies clothing or accessories are models own not from a fashion house. Bursting with colour, the nail collection from Models Own each offer a salon formulation which helps nails to grow while you wear your colour but makes your favourite shade stay on for a lot longer too!

Initially retailing at drug stores, Models Own wanted to stand out from the crowd by creating a fun shopping experience in the large-scale bottle tipped over on its side with fibre glass fuschia nail polish pouring out from it.