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Dubai Quality Group Seals Partnership With The "Latin American Quality Institute"

Parties Sing MOU To Promote Quality And Excellence Through Exchange Of Information, Consultation, And Sharing Of Key Resources

Sunday, December 14, 2008
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Dubai Quality Group (DQG) has announced that it has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) as DQG continues to reinforce its network of regional and international partnerships with various quality-oriented organisations. DQG and LAQI are poised to promote the principles of quality and excellence through enhanced collaboration, consultation and the exchange of information and other resources that will benefit the two parties' shared vision.. As part of its commitment to the partnership, DQG will provide LAQI with interviews and case studies for publication in the "Quality Magazine" and also undertake research studies and surveys to determine the impact and effectiveness of quality standards and exchange the information generated with LAQI. The two parties have likewise signed an agreement to link their websites and allow members to access vital information and material. Marwan Al Sawaleh, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group said: "This new partnership is another important milestone for Dubai Quality Group, particularly in our campaign to strengthen our network of international allies. We believe that our partnership with Latin American Quality Institute will open a new dimension in our approach towards promoting quality and excellence in the UAE as we assimilate new knowledge amid an increasingly interlinked and globalised business environment. The two organisations are looking forward to breaking barriers and building on a common vision to cultivate the values and principles of quality and excellence." To facilitate a seamless collaboration, DQG and LAQI have created a joint steering committee that will govern the execution of the MOU. The steering committee will ensure constant communication to discuss mutual interests and decide on further activities by both parties.. Moreover, DQG has revealed that Samia Al Yousuf, DQG Managing Director, has been appointed as DQG's primary contact point for the partnership, while Daniel Maximilian Da Costa, CEO of LAQI, will serve as the contact point for LAQI. “The partnership strategy between Dubai Quality Group and Latin American Quality Institute is a significant way to continue with the promotion of quality and ensure to provide effective exchange of information and develop the role and functions in the quality business context around the world. I am sure this partnership will increase the quality culture in each organization members” assert Daniel Maximilian Da Costa, CEO of LAQI. Under the MOU, DQG will also become a partner in the annual National Quality Awards and Conferences as well as other LAQI-organised events, while LAQI will likewise provide critical information in performing Quality Management in Latin America as part of various activities aimed at improving the joint initiative. Both parties have also committed to promote quality and provide leadership in improving quality, productivity and effective solutions for process management in the information services. Furthermore, DQG and LAQI will make available their respective prominent speakers for specialised programs; promote quality and competitiveness for the SME sector through the deployment of quality tools; cooperate and exchange relevant information in other areas of mutual interest; and promote and exchange continued improvements in quality levels that are conducted in both countries. DQG is an organisation that provides various programs that help its member organisations improve service quality and organisational performance. Since its inception in 1994, DQG has become the premier organisation dedicated to cultivating a culture of quality and excellence in the local business environment. DQG now has over 2,000 individual members representing over 380 prominent organisations from both the public and private sectors. Headquartered in Panama City, LAQI is the Institute of Quality Pattern Development that is most important in Latin America. LAQI's main objectives are to develop quality standards and procedures adopted by companies, and to provide recognition to successful organisations in the field of quality and excellence.