Monday, January 22, 2018
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Annual Because We Care marine Clean-Up Campaign Recovers Six Ton Of Waste

Sharjah Museums Authority to lead day of environmental action to remove rubbish

Saturday, January 13, 2018
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 The Sharjah Aquarium part of Sharjah Museums Authority will lead teams of volunteers in the 8th annual "Because We Care" marine environment clean-up event. The underwater clean-up operation has recovered six tons of waste and litter from Souq Al Jubail marine. 

To be held at Souq Al Jubail in Sharjah on Saturday, January 13, at 7.30am, the 2018 edition of the marine conservation initiative aims to remove litter, plastic and other rubbish that is hazardous to the environment from the waterways.

Launched to help spread awareness about the need to conserve Sharjah's natural environment, the "Because We Care" campaign regularly attracts large crowds of dedicated volunteers.

By educating families, especially children, the campaign hopes to create a community of environmentally conscious individuals who care about the cleanliness and natural health of not only Sharjah, but the entire UAE.

Held at different locations throughout Sharjah, each year the campaign removes large amounts of waste from the emirate's beaches and underwater areas.

Litter and rubbish, from household waste to discarded plastic and even larger items like abandoned bicycles and cars, present not only a major threat to wildlife but also have a negative impact on the image of the emirate.

This year, the "Because We Care" campaign will target waste and rubbish thrown overboard from fishing boats docked near Souq Al Jubail.

The crews of these boats sometimes discard waste, including old fishing nets and lines, into the water. This creates a host of serious problems for fish and other marine life that live in the area as well as affecting the overall appearance of the area.

Fish, birds and other animals can easily become fatally entangled in discarded nets and cages while other waste such as marker buoys and fishing lines can often gather on the surface of the water with other trash.

Staff and volunteers from the "Because We Care" campaign will help to explain to fishing boat captains and their crews the importance of maintaining a healthy marine environment and why they should not throw rubbish overboard.

As members of the public focus on clearing trash from the surface of the water, divers from Sharjah Police's rescue unit, Sharjah Aquarium and Emirates Diving Centre will help with the marine clean-up operation by removing any rubbish that has sunk.

Once the rubbish has been collected and brought to shore, waste management company BeaA'h and Sharjah Municipality will safely dispose of it at one of its sites in Sharjah.

Rashed Al Shamsi, Curator of Sharjah Aquarium, said, "The annual "Because We Care" campaign is a fantastic way of getting every member of society involved in looking after the world around them. Litter, rubbish and other forms of waste pose a serious problem to not only wildlife but also to people as well.

"This year's focus on clearing the waters of litter and rubbish, especially harmful items such as old nets, lines and cages that have been discarded from fishing boats, will benefit the marine life greatly and present a better image of the area.

"We at Sharjah Aquarium know only too well the importance of taking care of the natural environment, and just how fragile it can be. But if we all do our bit, we can have a massive impact and make sure Sharjah remains beautiful."

Manal Ataya, Director General of Sharjah Museums Authority, said, As part of our "Because We Care" initiative, the Sharjah Museums Authority is helping to spread the important message of marine conservation.

"The history of the UAE will be forever linked to the sea and the land. These two elements have helped to shape the Emirates and the heritage of its people. It is therefore vital that we raise awareness in our society of the importance of protecting and respecting the natural world around us."